What’s The 3-Day Rule?

Now, with today’s tech and how impatient people are now, the 3-day rule has become the 3-hour rule.

Instead of the 3 days to hear from someone about a 2nd date, or even just to say thanks for today, it’s turned into waiting for the best opportunity that same night to talk to the person you just went on a date with.

So here’s a tip for everyone: Guys, that same night you had th…e date, text the girl that you had a great time, and that you hope you both see each other again. If she doesn’t answer then at least you tried. If she does, then plan date two as soon as you can!
Girls, if he doesn’t text you that night, don’t think he forgot about you, you can text him back or wait until morning. If he doesn’t text back, move on, you don’t need him. If he does, allow him to make a suggestion for a second date.

If all went well, then enjoy date two… try and go for the kiss in that one 😉


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