What Are My Benefits?

Pokémon!! Sorry, I mean, friends with benefits. Yea, cause they’re the same thing and what not …

FWBs, this really isn’t a relationship topic but it’s an important topic. Not many people have a booty call, but if you do, just be carful. There are certain good things and certain bad things with this sort of relationship.

One side of the fling may start to get feelings. Think Howard from Big Bang theory when he was “dumped” by his FWB. Sometimes it can turn into a relationship and you both enjoy it, other times someone catches feelings and the other one is like “well, time to get trade this one for better Pokémon.” If you ever had one, and you’re dating someone now or are interested in a person, get rid of the FWB, it will screw everything up, especially if the person you were screwing with liked you and wanted more than just sex.


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