Dancing With The Stars… No I Mean The Space Ones

Now gentlemen, not all ladies like romance, but you can at least buy a rose every once in awhile.

Ok guys, you met a girl or you know a girl and you like her. You find out she like all that romantic stuff, what do you do? Most of you, nothing; but for others, you try to be the most romantic guy ever.

It’s not hard though, one thing you can do, text her good morning, or text her in the middle of your work shift and say something like “hey there beautiful, thought I’d let you know you’re on my mind. Talk to you later.” For most girls, that will make their day 10x better. Also, learn to cook, if you live alone, you can invite your partner over show them how you cook, get some wine, light a few candles… and BOOM! goes the dynamite.

Ladies, be romantic as well. Some men like it, makes them feel great.

A night out, walk through old town, it’s a bit chilly, you give your coat to her. She nudges you, you hold her hand. The night goes on and before you go off, you look into each others eyes, hold her in your arms, slight peck on her forehead, then you grab her chin, lift her head up and kiss her under the starry night sky.


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