You Cling To Me Like A Sloth Clings To A Tree

Now this is something that needs to be noted, not everyone likes clingy people, I know I don’t.

Clingy is not cute, if you’re an overly attached girlfriend/boyfriend, most likely you don’t know it. You’re like fabric softener sheets, you stick to them to the point that you need to see them poop and know what color that poop is. That’s just weird and disgusting, give your partner space and room to breathe, I mean they’re already with you, they ain’t going anywhere.

If you’re attached to your partner’s arm like a sloth on a branch, you might be clingy. If your partner said they’re going to get gas, and you hop in the car knowing they’ll be back in like ten minutes, you might clingy. Learn to be more independent and show that you don’t need to be together 24/7, it’s a bit gross. (This does not imply to those who already live together or are married, because you spend enough time with them.)


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