The Kiss

Now the first kiss varies depending on the people and the chemistry they have between each other. Some will kiss on their first date, some will kiss on their 30th date (hopefully not, but you get the picture).

Guys, remember you’re KISSING a woman, not scarfing down a Big Mac. Like in Hitch, go in 90, wait to see what she does, if she moves away than you move back too, if she meets you 10 then go in and finish it off.

Girls, you have the power on this, if you want to kiss him, do it, or at least show you want a kiss; if you don’t, or at least not yet, push back.

The kiss is supposed to be special for the both of you, don’t ruin it. A soft subtle kiss, no tongue, just lips. To make it more romantic, standing underneath the stars with each other in your arms.


Good luck 😉 and happy kissing…


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