Now let’s be honest here, all guys have sex on the mind, that’s a given, but if you want the guy to be interested in you as a person and not a thing to bang, then wait it out. I’ll take a page here from Steve Harvey’s book “think like a man, act like a lady”, sex in a relationship should be a benefit to being with someone. Girls if you give him your goodies too soon, he’ll think you’re easy, play it off too long and he’ll think you’re nuts (unless you’re waiting for marriage, which I don’t think any of you on here are, then tell them straight up [waiting until marriage is not a bad thing either]).

90 days, like employment in order to receive your benefits the company has to see you’re worth it, ladies the choice is yours tho, if you’ve gone on dates two maybe three time a week, you can cut it down, but if the dates come once every other week, then 90 days is your best bet.

Guys! Do not expect sex the first night, hoes open up like a 7-11, a lady will take time, get your heads straight, literally. Establish what you’ll accept from each other and go with it from there.

NOTE!! Your first time having sex with whoever it is, should NOT, and I’ll emphasize it again, should NOT be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs. Be sober, and men don’t take advantage of a situation, if She’s been drinking and says she wants it, tell her no, if she persists, back off a bit. If she continues after you, we’ll then it’s your lucky night… but don’t think it’ll be that fun.


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