Compose Yourself

If you’re into a someone, compose yourself to where they don’t run away from you, or want to hit you over the head with a steel bat and run you over with a hummer.

Guys! A (straight) woman doesn’t need another woman in the relationship, so don’t act like a little girl. I know many here are bipolar. Have depression, or whatever; if that is your case, find someone who will be there for you, but don’t make it worse when they’re trying to make you feel better. Short tempered people like myself and my #1 fan, will get annoyed after a while. Tell the person you like of your problems, as in being bipolar or depressed, and if they accept you as you are then yay! If not then try and look else where.

Also, don’t go bat shit crazy. If you like someone, don’t make it seem like you’re going to die if you don’t talk to them, if they’re in class and you need to talk to them, wait until they are out of that class and talk to them, or wait until the end of the day when they have nothing else to do. Don’t go psycho when they won’t answer you either.


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