Now this is where I failed in my last relationship, but I learned from it.

In today’s age, we have so many means of communication, and the only time a phone isn’t stuck to you, is when you’re showering, unless you have one of those cases that go in water, text, emails and social media like Facebook and twitter; but the thing that sends texts also has this app called the phone, you dial numbers and you can talk to a person in real time and hear their voice.

Texting is good when you can’t talk, but calling them at least once or twice a day is a great form of communication, even if it’s just to say you need toilet paper (help, ASAP!) Something to try out one day, a letter, I said it, a letter, a good old fashion letter, not typed but in handwriting (guys! Most girls like that stuff, try it).

Also remember when in front of each other, talk! Don’t look at your phone like you’re expecting an important call, nothing is that important (unless its 20 missed calls from your mom, good luck with that one.)

As an added bonus to communicating with your partner, we now have video. Skype, ooVoo, and for iPhone users, FaceTime, all forms help to visibly communicate with your partner when miles apart.

Remember, communication!

That is all.


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