Chivalry…It’s Not Dead

Is it dead? Is it still alive? Most of you (women) claim that chivalry is dead, and yet when a guy is too chivalric, you claim them to be weak.

Men! Lets face it, 99% of us killed chivalry when equality became big, and we killed it to the point where we had to double tap that mofo. Fortunately for you women who do like chivalry, it’s immortal, yet weak itself. There are a few men (myself included) who are still chivalric. Men you need to remember, women were put on earth to be by our sides as equals and that they should be EQUALLY respected as you want to be. Open a door for a young lady, stand up when she leaves/come back to the table. It will show that girl, that you have manners and that she will most likely like you more.

I gave that bitch my coat!
Bitches love coats from men!

Don’t call your lady a bitch though, that’ll just lead to fighting and I’m not on that subject yet.


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