Cheaters… Never Win… At Least Not In The Long Run

In this one I will go over two forms of cheating; emotional and physical. One of which I didn’t think of until my last relationship and talking to one of my “patients” (friend).

Emotional cheating: this is where you flirt with others (on purpose) while in a committed relationship, whether it be flirty texts or comments on a picture of them on Facebook. Also, being on a dating site to talk to single girls/boys while you have a gf/bf is a no no. Lets do an example here: a girl is with her boyfriend and she happens to see his phone, she’s notices a notification for something but doesn’t know what it is. She googles what she thinks she sees and notices that its from a dating website ( she respected his privacy people, didn’t touch his phone just saw it light up). Here you have her in a state where she feels like he is seeing other people or flirting with other girls, which she considers cheating, or he’s acting suspicious and what not.

Physical cheating, it’s really self explanatory, it’s bad.

Lets face it, whether its a kiss, a hug of sorts, or even having crazy monkey sex; cheating is not good. It leaves the “victim” feeling like shit and hoping the “culprit” dies or has something bad happen to them. If you want more than one girl, turn Mormon or stay single. It can also affect the ones around you, where your friends will feel like a child with divorced parents.

As for the person who is doing the cheating, you may not want to bother talking to the person you’re in a “relationship” with again. Mostly because that person will find out, if not from you than from a friend, or maybe from the person that your partner is cheating with.

Remember this too; even if you don’t mean to flirt while complimenting a a person, your bf/gf will probably take it that way.


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