This goes both ways, but I’ll lead this more towards the men: don’t smell like last Thursday’s tuna salad, but don’t smell like you just went deep sea diving in an ocean of axe body spray, in fact don’t even touch the axe unless you want the girl to think you’re still in middle school. Less is more.

Also! Facial hair! Keep it neat or keep it off, unless they like the Zach Galifianakis look. Don’t have the ” been lost in the wilderness for 5 years” look. Shaven or trimmed. Also if you’re like me and the facial hair grows all retarded like, shave it! You obviously don’t need facial hair.

Ladies that means you too, some guys in this day of age don’t want to have a mustache competition, also if you don’t like the unibrow, then take it off, but if you do, then use it, but keep it trimmed as well. Or not up to you.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth and keep breath mints on you! Not gum, because after awhile you’re breath could start smelling again.


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