The Appearance

Now this one is more for the ladies, but you fellas can learn as well.
If you are going on a date with a guy, dress for the date, not the man. If your date says he’s taking you to play mini golf/laser tag, don’t grab you stilettos, you want to feel comfortable. Don’t dress in something that will make him think that he’s gonna get some at the end, dress like a lady, or in cases of a date where you’ll need to be comfortable, sneakers and a T-shirt are fine enough.

Guys, a nice button up, some nice jeans that don’t sag at the bottom, and casual shoes/sneakers, are all you need. That outfit right there goes for any and all occasions… except a wedding or funeral. A polo can work as well, remember, it doesn’t have to be a high brand like Lacoste or Ralph Lauren, a nice polo from Kohl’s will work as well.


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