Back on the job…

So I’m back… It’s been awhile but you know, you run out of ideas and then BOOM! You remember you have a blog and think of other things to write.

Now, the main reason I ran out of things to write about is mostly because of the fact that I’m single. It’s been over a year since I was in an actual relationship, and I’ve grown to realize that in order for you to be happy, you have to be able to be happy alone. Make your life yours, I mean you only have one life to live.¬†

I’m drawing a blank, but this won’t be the last post. I promise you on that.


Do I Look Okay?

Now don’t get me wrong, we all love the beautiful people… But just because they look good, does not mean they are good. Now for me, I’d love a blonde with blue eyes, or even a redhead with some emerald looking eyes, but if they look as gorgeous as I see them, they may be rotten on the inside.
I’m not telling you all to date uglier people, I’m saying don’t try to go for someone prettier than you… Personality does count, along with how attractive they are to YOU.

Moving On In…

Now different people have different opinions on when to move in together, some move in after only months, others after marriage… Me? I would personally wait and see how long we last first, then spend a few nights together, while I slowly see her stuff move in and then we’re living together…wait what?! She moved in?! Well damn.

Now, I think the right thing to do, granted you both work, is split bills half way, that way money is there for other things, like strip clubs and such…

Living together before marriage helps A LOT, it gives you an idea of what the rest of your life with them will look like.

Not much to really say here myself since I’ve never lasted long enough to move in with someone lol.

La Mour out!

What’s The 3-Day Rule?

Now, with today’s tech and how impatient people are now, the 3-day rule has become the 3-hour rule.

Instead of the 3 days to hear from someone about a 2nd date, or even just to say thanks for today, it’s turned into waiting for the best opportunity that same night to talk to the person you just went on a date with.

So here’s a tip for everyone: Guys, that same night you had th…e date, text the girl that you had a great time, and that you hope you both see each other again. If she doesn’t answer then at least you tried. If she does, then plan date two as soon as you can!
Girls, if he doesn’t text you that night, don’t think he forgot about you, you can text him back or wait until morning. If he doesn’t text back, move on, you don’t need him. If he does, allow him to make a suggestion for a second date.

If all went well, then enjoy date two… try and go for the kiss in that one ūüėČ

Dancing With The Stars… No I Mean The Space Ones

Now gentlemen, not all ladies like romance, but you can at least buy a rose every once in awhile.

Ok guys, you met a girl or you know a girl and you like her. You find out she like all that romantic stuff, what do you do? Most of you, nothing; but for others, you try to be the most romantic guy ever.

It’s not hard though, one thing you can do, text her good morning, or text her in the middle of your work shift and say something like “hey there beautiful, thought I’d let you know you’re on my mind. Talk to you later.” For most girls, that will make their day 10x better. Also, learn to cook, if you live alone, you can invite¬†your partner over show them how¬†you cook, get some wine, light a few candles… and¬†BOOM! goes the dynamite.

Ladies, be romantic as well. Some men like it, makes them feel great.

A night out, walk through old town, it’s a bit chilly, you give your coat to her. She nudges you, you hold her hand. The night goes on and before you go off, you look into each others eyes, hold her in your arms, slight peck on her forehead, then you grab her chin, lift her head up and kiss her under the starry night sky.

Gossip Girls? There’s A Show About Them?

This one is plain and simple, ignore the people who are talking crap, and if you’re the one causing it? SHUT IT!

You are happy with who you are, if there is something your partner is hiding, it will come out. It will always come out.

People, whether you think that person is wrong for your friend, or you don’t like your ex’s new partner, keep it to yourself… unless you have proof and know for a fact that they are bad.

Gossip is annoying and don’t go off telling others, you are not in that relationship and you don’t need to be.

Family… You Know The Ones Who Raised You.

Now, I don’t have to worry about my family, I live with a butler in a mansion just outside the city… Shh.

Your family is important, and if you just decided to bring your new partner to meet them… be ready to get embarrassed.
THAT’S RIGHT FOLKS!!! those baby pictures you thought you burned because you didn’t want people to think you were an odd child, will miraculously turn up.

Before that though, let’s talk about what to do when introducing, or meeting, the parents. Guys, what makes you nervous about meeting mom and dad? Meeting dad. Come on, you’re with his little girl. He knows how you may be, because he was your age once too. He wants what’s best for her, and you better damn show him you’re worth her hand…after he sees you’re a good guy, you’re in, invite him to beer, or buy him a 12 pack (24 if you join him).

Girls! who do you have to worry about? it varies, sometimes no one, other times, it’s mom (my case is my mom, that woman will rarely crack a smile when she meets my girls). Why’s that? Cause she wants a woman who will take care of her son just like she did or better. My mom states that I’ll starve with the¬†type of girls I tend to date, but that’s cause she was raised differently…

With parents be yourself, but with a twist, use proper words, dress nicely, and know that they will be judging you the whole time you’re there…and don’t expect them to tell you soo soon that they like you, also don’t trust¬†your partner¬†if they tell you they like you,¬†because they could just be trying to make you feel better… You’ll know when they like you, it’s intuition.